Alpha1 driving school images
    Warning some driving school cheat you
Some Driving Schools offer
1st 10 driving lessons £150
but give 45 minute lessons
= 450 minutes ie 7.5 hours
    = £20/hour

Alpha1 Driving School
1st 10 driving lessons £230
Alpha1 give 60 minute lessons
1st hour free ie 11 hours driving
    = £17.29/hour

Alpha1 Driving School Offers

      Alpha1 Drive School Continually monitors the market to ensure that we are competitive

      Our special offers and includes:

    Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet First hour free (initial driving lesson with a block of 10 hours) OR
    Free Theory and Hazard Perception software

    Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet First 3 hours driving lessons at £45* (only £15 per hour)

    Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet Free driving lesson when introducing a new client

    Alpha1 will price-match any real offer made by any other local driving school

*Please note: starter packages (£15/hour) are for drivers who have not driven before and only available during weekday daytime hours