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Fuel prices are at an 'all time' high, and only set to rise...

Huge savings of money and pollution can be made - if you know how...

Alpha 1 Driving School Eco-Friendly Economical Driving Lessons

    Petrol and Diesel prices will fluctuate, but, with the limited supply and almost unlimited demand, the trend will always be upward

    A Which expert on BBC News stated that: ... a 40% saving could be made on fuel with an eco-friendly driving style... That could represent a saving of 740 per year on average and help save our environment

    An Alpha1 Driving School, 4 hour eco-safe course could help you achieve this, and would include the following elements:

      Alpha1 Drive School Eco bullet Management of speed/ route/ time/ cruise control/ gears

      Alpha1 Drive School Eco bullet Advanced vision/ early analysis/ smooth control - for greener, cheaper but also SAFER driving

      Alpha1 Drive School Eco bullet Car condition/ choice (loading/ tires/ engine switch off/ maintenance/ buying a new or used car)

    Advice from Alpha1 Driving School can be found in our FAQs or by contacting us directly.