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Do not waste your money on test failures - train with the best

Alpha 1 Driving School's
driving lessons for 'Learners'

      Alpha1 Driving School's record on getting Learners to safe driving ability and therefore Test-Pass standard quickly and therefore cheaply, is second to none

    Full details of how we achieve this.

    Alpha1 Driving School offer Manual and Automatic tuition at the same price

    Alpha1 Driving School have invested in superior quality vehicles:

      Driving lessons green tick bullet fun and easy to drive VW Golf convertible manual driving school car

      Driving lessons green tick bullet ultra 'eco-friendly' and easy to drive Toyota Yaris Hybrid automatic driving school car

    With Alpha1 Driving School, if a client is very nervous in the manual driving school car,
    we have found it really helps some clients to train in the automatic for a while. After their confidence is improved, it is npormally easy to convert to the manual transmission driving school car.