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You can trust Alpha1 Driving School to give the best tuition, as we have expertise in many fields of driving and teach the teachers...

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Alpha 1 Driving School Testimonials

      The following are extracts from recent testimonial received - Thank you for you kind words... (Click excerpt for full letter)

    Jenni a teacher from Dartford
    - The combination of your support, encouragement, teaching style and positivity enabled me to quickly become a confident and capable driver.
    Automatic driving lessons - 20 hours to test.

    Victoria a mum from Cliffe Woods
    - Thank you for your help in getting my son through his test. When I took him out in the car before, he was extremely nervous. In a few weeks he was driving and it has cost us less then we expected...
    Manual 26 hour intensive course

    Patrick a solicitor from London
    - Thank you for a very enjoyable and successful week's course...
    Advanced motorcycle to IAM test