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Alpha1 Driving School's innovative website and training program, should be considered as the 'One Stop' shop for everything you need for your driver training needs.

Alpha1 Driving School will tailor a course to your individual needs and will only charge the normal driving lesson rate.

Alpha 1 Driving School
Refresher Driver training

    Refresher driver training is available to anyone who wishes to improve their skills for safety, or to get more fun from driving their vehicle (within the law of course).

    Clients can cover any aspect of driving they wish or can do all, or part, of the Advanced Driver Training.

    Examples of refresher driver training that have been requested:
      Driving lessons green tick bullet Returning to driving after a long absence from driving.

      Driving lessons green tick bullet Speed control (driving lessons for drivers who have been speeding and have too many points on their licence - this will be similar in nature to Speed Awareness course offered by the police to drivers who have been caught speeding)

      Driving lessons green tick bullet Parking - Including driving lessons on safely reversing into parking bays and parallel parking on the road.

      Driving lessons green tick bullet Motorway driving - driving lessons for people who do not feel comfortable driving on motorways or on dual carriageway roads.

      Driving lessons green tick bullet Snow driving training. This can be done when there is sufficient snow, or by going to a skid pan.

    Refresher driving lessons and refresher driving courses are also offered to companies whose employees drive as part of their duties. This may be as part of their 'duty of care' policy toward their employees, or to improve and enhance their business profile by their vehicles being driven well.

    Irrespective of which driver training you might choose, you will learn advanced vision skills and converting 'vision to action' skills, which will make you a better, safer more eco-friendly and economical driver

    The extent of training will, of course, be determined by the client though the advantages of taking it to IAM standard will be clear; cheaper insurance if nothing else..